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It's Brow Or Never!

PHP 130

Brow Express clean up - There should be no time for drama! Sneak a quick visit and pull of a perfect set of brows with a combination of quick threading and tweezing.

Best Brow Forward!

PHP 160

Brow Shaping - Discover the perfect arch for your facial features! Experience a combination of threading, shaping and tweezing.

Man-Up Bro-W

PHP 150

Men's Simple Brow - Clean up those rowdy strands and look dapper after a quick threading and tweezing game!

Upgrade To Waxing

PHP 100


Brow Tint

Php 540

Define your brows with a subtle hint of color

Lash Enhancements

Add ON: Under Eye Treatment

PHP 80

Eyelash Perming

PHP 450

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Eyelash Extensions

PHP 990

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Hair Removal

Upper & Lower Lip Threading

PHP 120

Upgrade to Waxing (Add Php 100)

Underarm Waxing

PHP 290

Half Arm

PHP 360

Full Arm

PHP 460

Chest Or Back Waxing

PHP 520

Half Leg Waxing

PHP 420

Full Leg Waxing

PHP 660

Bikini Waxing

PHP 520

Brazilian Waxing

PHP 820


Package A

Eyebrow Threading, Underarm Waxing & Half Leg Waxing

PHP 710

Package B

Eyebrow Threading, Underarm Waxing & Eyelash Perming

PHP 740

Package C

Eyebrow Threading, Underarm Waxing & Eyelash Extensions

PHP 1130

Package D

Eyebrow Threading, Underarm Waxing & Upper Lip Threading

PHP 450

Package E

Eyebrow Threading, Underarm Waxing & Brazilian Waxing

PHP 1010